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U20 Series

20 Watt Ultra-Wide Vin 1.6" x 2.0" DC-DC Converters


U20 Series
  • Single and Double outputs
  • 1500V, 10MOhm input-to-output isolation
  • No airflow or heatsink required
  • Enclosed six-sided metal shield construction for low EMI/RFI
  • Efficiency 84%
  • 4:1 Input Range
  • Pi Input Filter
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Meets EN55022 Class A, Conducted
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Delivers up to 20W in 2"x1.6" package with Industry-Standard Pinouts



U20 Series: 20 Watt Ultra-Wide Vin 1.6" x 2.0" DC-DC Converters

U20 Series:
20 Watt Ultra-Wide Vin 1.6" x 2.0" DC-DC Converters

Model Vin (V) Vout (V) Iout (mA) Iin No Load
Iin Full Load
Efficiency Case
U20-12S3.39-36 V3.3 V4000.0mA15.0mA705.0mA78%U
U20-12S59-36 V5.0 V4000.0mA15.0mA1029.0mA81%U
U20-12S129-36 V12.0 V1670.0mA15.0mA1006.0mA83%U
U20-12S159-36 V15.0 V1330.0mA15.0mA1004.0mA83%U
U20-12D59-36 V+/-5.0 V+/-2000.0mA20.0mA1004.0mA83%U
U20-12D129-36 V+/-12.0 V+/-833.0mA20.0mA1004.0mA83%U
U20-12D159-36 V+/-15.0 V+/-666.0mA20.0mA1004.0mA83%U
U20-48S3.318-72 V3.3 V4000.0mA10.0mA353.0mA78%U
U20-48S518-72 V5.0 V4000.0mA10.0mA508.0mA82%U
U20-48S1218-72 V12.0 V1670.0mA10.0mA497.0mA84%U
U20-48S1518-72 V15.0 V1330.0mA10.0mA496.0mA84%U
U20-48D518-72 V+/-5.0 V+/-2000.0mA15.0mA496.0mA84%U
U20-48D1218-72 V+/-12.0 V+/-833.0mA15.0mA496.0mA84%U
U20-48D1518-72 V+/-15.0 V+/-666.0mA15.0mA496.0mA84%U

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