Intronics Power Products
DC/DC Converters

1 watt to 150 watts of converters. Single, Dual and Triple outputs all standard.

AC/DC Converters

5 watts to 350 watts

Legacy Products

Isolation Amplifiers, Signal Conditioners, Function Modules and more

Custom Power

DC/DC Converters tailored to your specifications. For Telecom, Automotive and all kinds of industries.

Intronics Power other products

Medical & Industrial Isolation Amplifiers and CRT Geometry correction ICs

For over 30 years, Intronics has been designing and manufacturing standard and custom DC/DC converters, function modules, and analog signal processors for wide variety of applications.

New Products
Maximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
150V Solar Panel Input- Maximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
Extreme wide range input DC-DC converter
UCAP 16-58
Ultra Capacitor Module
W30 Series
30 Watt Industrial Grade DC Converter In Industry Standard 1" x 2" Size
PLC4000 Series
120 Watt DC-DC Power Supply for Allen Bradley 1771 PLC System
AC350 Series
350 Watt Single Output U Frame AC-DC Power Supply with PFC
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